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    David and Irving. And our new addition, Sanj. She’s is a firecracker, and seriously into music like us. Our ethos, parties and lineups are a mix of David and Irving’s long time passion and Sanj’s inspiration.
  • Is there a Cherry Beach this year?
    If we're being honest, not likely. If there is any way we can make even the smallest event possible, we will! We trust our goverment and health workers!
  • How can we all have fun?
    We're planning a bunch of fun things for the summer time. Mixes, stories and who knows what else. Best thing is to stay tuned to our social media! INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
  • What's the vibe?
    Leave your pack of bros at home. Bring your lover, best friend, family and visitors from out of town instead. LGBTQQIP2SAA you’re welcome, celebrated and protected here.
  • What are your views on safe spaces?
    Consent and the development/ maintenance of safe spaces is so close to our heart. Our policies for the beach and beyond can be found here.
  • What is your environmental policy?
    Promise has started up a recyclable cup program for our warehouse and beach events. But we're always looking to improve! View our current ethos here. If you have any ideas of how to improve, we're all ears! Send us an email at
  • Media/ Performer/ Artist inquiry?
    We love adding to the beach as the summer goes along. Have a cool project or a fun idea for coverage? We want to hear about it! Just message
  • What else does Promise do?
    Cherry Beach. Harvest Festival. Halloween. German Sparkle Party. New Years Eve. Heart Party. Electric Garden. Dirty Motor. Chamber. Cherry Blossom. Kajama Midnight Moon Sailing Cruise. Sanj also has her own projects going on, we can’t keep up. Find us here… INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK EMAIL
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